Plumfield Academy in Sebastopol, California

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Physical Address Mailing Address Student/Teacher Ratio
9360 Occidental Rd
Sebastopol, CA 95472-6460
7 to 1
Phone Number: N/A Rating: N/A Viewed: 12/3/2023

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  • Stella Childs rated Plumfield Academy (1/5 stars) on 4/4/2014
    By far the worst school. Darcee takes in foster children and charges tax payers $4-5000 a month for boarding. Check out guidestar.org look at how much money they've made!!! The great part is they fall under the tax guides of school and church. John and Darcee are making like bandits! The county foster home licenser is great friends of Darcee's they go way back. Darcee shops for children that are less likely to be returned home. Now that she's added adoption to her little money makers, that's a $5-$8000 tax free incentive! DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT: guidestar.org