Westby 7-8 in Westby, Montana

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Physical Address Mailing Address Student/Teacher Ratio
101 5Th Ave East
Westby, MT 59275
Po Box 109
Westby, MT 59275
5.5 to 1
Phone Number: (406) 385-2225 Rating: N/A Viewed: 1/24/2022

Summary of Westby 7-8

Westby 7-8 is a public school located in the remote rural area of Westby, Sheridan County, Montana. With a total of 13 students in the student body and 2 full time teachers on staff, it has a student teacher ratio about 5.462184:1. The school offers classes that range from grade levels 7 to 8.

School Type Grade Levels Offered
Westby 7-8 is a Public School in Westby, Montana Public School
Westby 7-8 is not an Elementary School in Westby, Montana Elementary School
Westby 7-8 is not a Private School in Westby, Montana Private School
Westby 7-8 is a Middle School in Westby, Montana Middle School
Westby 7-8 is not a Religious School in Westby, Montana Religious School
Westby 7-8 is not a High School in Westby, Montana High School

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