Roy High in Roy, New Mexico

Enrollment, demographics, and student/teacher ratios for Roy High in Roy, NM

Physical Address Mailing Address Student/Teacher Ratio
5Th St And Roosevelt St
Roy, NM 87743
No Street Address
Roy, NM 87743
4 to 1
Phone Number: (505) 485-2242 Rating: N/A Viewed: 1/28/2022

Roy High Enrollment By Gender

The majority of students going to Roy High in Roy, Harding County, New Mexico are male. In fact, 66.7 % (16 out of 24) of the entire student body at Roy High are male.
Gender Number %
Female 8 33.3 %
Male 16 66.7 %

Roy High Enrollment By Race

The student body of Roy High in Roy, Harding County, New Mexico is made up of 2 ethnicities. The largest ethnic group of the 24 students at Roy High is Hispanic. This is followed by and White (50.0 %).
Race Number %
Hispanic 12 50.0 %
White 12 50.0 %